Togg is an up-and-coming Turkish mobility technologies brand that has gained international renown since its founding in 2018. Togg is making global waves by designing an entire mobility ecosystem - USE CASE Mobility® - that delivers hyper-connected smart living in all aspects of users’ lives.

In December 2019, Togg launched its first domestically designed electric vehicles in Turkey. To increase brand awareness and loyalty, they tasked Dreamspace with creating an online campaign allowing people to be part of Turkish history. We aimed the campaign at promoting Togg's innovation and sustainability efforts.

Togg's campaign, named #YenelikteBenDeVarim, which means "I support innovation," began with four social media posts. The hashtag became a nationwide manifestation for millions of Turkish citizens, making it the 6th most trending hashtag on Twitter during the campaign.

We designed the campaign to be simple and interactive. The website consisted of three steps that allowed users to participate. Step one required users to enter their names. Step two created a customized image that users could share on social media. Step three involved compiling all names into a digital capsule, which we placed under the initial foundation pillar of the facility during the ground-breaking event. The names of all participants were displayed during the ceremony.

Throughout the four-day campaign, the site created over 100 images per second. Over 1,000,000 unique users visited the site, making over 940,000 pictures and videos. The digital capsule became a symbol of Turkish innovation and sustainability efforts.

The campaign's success was a milestone event defining the economic and innovational evolution of the Turkish Technology and Manufacturing industry. Every news outlet's main topic became the necessary steps for a sustainable and clean future for future generations. The campaign was a success and became the talk of the entire country.

The #YenilikteBenDeVarim campaign even won two W3 awards–Gold in Automotive Branded Content and Silver in Automotive Viral Marketing–which further shows how successful this campaign was.

Dreamspace worked tirelessly to ensure that the creative integrity and the safety of everyone involved in the organization remained a priority, especially given that the execution happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In conclusion, Togg's viral campaign was a success, demonstrating the power of social media in promoting innovation and sustainability–without paying a single ad dollar. Our team at Dreamspace reached our campaign goal of increasing brand awareness and loyalty while creating a buzz around Turkish innovation and sustainability efforts.
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