Virtual Show XR


Gratis is Türkiye’s most significant beauty and personal care retailer. With hundreds of retail stores and an online platform, they provide customers across Türkiye everything from skincare and makeup to home products and even baby care items. 

Every year, Gratis hosts an internal end-of-year celebration for all its branches and employees. They provide reports of what Gratis has accomplished, portfolios of different branches and even awards for stellar employees. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they knew they couldn’t host an in-person ceremony–so they got creative.


The 2021 Gratis celebration was hosted virtually, with a small team of 30 people working to create the show in a studio. In just 45 days, the team pulled this massive undertaking off. This entirely live event utilized 3D camera tracking technology and plenty of animations and entertainment to bring the show to life virtually. One thousand fifty people joined this online show, tuning in for the yearly reports on 2020 as well as the best part: the awards. 

Not only did Gratis resume the “Gratis Stars of 2020” awards during this time, but they hand-delivered the awards to the winner’s homes at the exact moment of the announcement–the definition of going the extra mile.


The show’s motto was “All together: we are equal, we are strong, and we are the leaders.” The Gratis 2021 celebration amid COVID-19 embodied this motto, showing how the company can still come together and find strength and joy in tough times.

Dreamspace designed the show’s background and graphics. We created immersive animations that truly brought magic into the production–doing what could not have been done in an in-person show and bringing out the best of the COVID-19 situation. From trees to text and more, we made the show into a real Gratis world.

At Dreamspace, creativity is our driving force. Creativity gives us the flexibility and tact to work through difficulties and limitations–and make magic along the way.
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