Taka Asbury



Taka is a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ, serving up sushi, inventive and seasonally-influenced dishes, sake and more.

Sports games and home-video fail compilations may work fine in some establishments, but certainly not in restaurants like Taka. Luckily, technology is advancing and making fresh in-restaurant experiences possible. Dreamspace took this technology and created something new: the world’s first artistic blockchain Digiwall. 

The Digiwall is an artistic space on a wall of Taka’s restaurant that displays unique, Taka-inspired digital art. These custom looping 2D animations are not just everyday background art, though: they’re also NFTs. Through blockchain technology, these works of art are transformed into purchasable treasures with a physical location–Taka–by which to enjoy (with a beautiful plate of sushi, of course).  

From sushi to the Taka logo to even the head chef, Takahiro Hirai, himself, our team created a variety of unique animations that still seamlessly blend into the restaurant’s atmosphere and can be interchanged throughout the day. By allowing patrons not only to enjoy but purchase the art through Web3 using blockchain technology, Taka can now market to fungible and non-fungible markets.

Many restaurants are trending towards displaying TikToks and other short-form content, catering and contributing to rapidly decreasing attention spans. However, this Digiwall blends new technology with the simple, timeless act of observing art: the best of both worlds. Instead of having their eyes glued to 10-second clips, patrons can experience entertainment and enjoyment–sans the overstimulation.

Dreamspace combines decades of experience in art and design with a knowledge and passion for new technologies. The Taka Digiwall is just one example of how our team can merge the old with the new to create something truly magical.
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