CES 2024


At CES '24, we once again helped Togg showcase their 10,000sq ft experience, highlighting their innovative approach to mobility with their Digital Experience Platform (Trumore), Clean Energy Solutions (Trugo, Siro, & Trumore), Smart Mobility Devices, and the debut of their new hatchback, the T10F, to a global audience.

The Clean Energy Solutions area, embodying the concept of "Energy as a sustainable cycle," offered insights into Togg's sub-brands and their contributions to a sustainable energy ecosystem. Collaborating with Trugo, Trumore, and Siro, Togg demonstrated how their ecosystem supports energy production, storage, charging, and recycling, aiming for carbon neutrality.

Interactive displays under a giant "tech-tree" highlighted the integration of technology and nature, emphasizing ways to reduce carbon footprints. An immersive tunnel detailed Trumore's role in enhancing mobility experiences through digital services, enriched by AI technology.

The T10X Smart Mobility Device, presented as a centerpiece in a digitally enhanced cave, provided guests with a personalized art experience based on health data, showcasing the future of mobility and the potential for emotional-responsive environments.

Throughout, a Progressive Web App (PWA) and a Visitor Tracking System (VTS) enhanced the visitor experience, helping them keep track of their journey, and offering navigation assistance through the exhibit, collecting data and providing analytics for both future booth designs, and meaningful interactive experiences. Upon completion of all pillars a free NFT was minted and gifted to visitors.

As part of their commitment to environmental responsibility and with an aim to achieve Truzero - zero carbon emissions by 2035 - Togg continued their Partnership with Turkish social enterprise Ecording, creating indigenous tree seed-balls and delivering them via ecoDrone into areas negatively affected by climate change, helping to restore natural forest ecosystems. Ecording employs women living in these regions, assisting them in achieving economic freedom, and empowering them to make a difference in their communities.

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