Treun House Atelier

Treun Fashion Show Fundraiser


Treun House Atelier, founded in 2020, is a luxury sustainable fashion company with a philanthropic mission to better the world through creativity, technology and innovation. With focuses on sustainable sourcing, community building and giving back, Treun embodies what it means to be committed to people and our planet.

In October 2022, Treun hosted a unique fashion show event during the F1 Motorsports Weekend in Austin, Texas. This exclusive event took place at the Howard Social Club, a club as elusive–with a secret location–as it is luxurious. As Treun is a purpose-led company, this event was a charity fundraiser for the nonprofit Safe in Our World, which focuses on mental health within the video game industry.

An unforgettable event with a packed agenda, one of the highlights was the debut of Treun’s Signature collection, displayed in an F1-and-Scottish-inspired fashion show. With a band of bagpipe players setting the tone for the show, a group of models from Novelmodels™ showed off Treun’s luxurious and elevated apparel.

Treun’s resident artist and acclaimed painter, Kiril Jeliazkov, also appeared with his newest painting of Post Malone, a fierce advocate for mental health just like Safe in Our World. Kiril also custom-painted some bespoke Treun pieces for auction in the Safe in Our World fundraiser.

Along with Kiril’s Treun apparel pieces, many other prizes went up for the Safe in Our World auction, including a ride at the Circuit of the Americas in the DreamspacexTreun supercar.

Dreamspace helped organize the one-of-a-kind philanthropic event from start to finish, dedicating our time and money to sponsor and secure the event's success–completely pro bono. Our team members proudly stand behind Safe in Our World’s mission and put in volunteer hours to help raise as much as possible for its wonderful cause. With years of experience in event planning and execution, we ensured this incredibly dynamic and bustling event went smoothly–without a single hitch.
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