Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation


The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to help young people achieve their dreams and goals, regardless of financial circumstances. The foundation believes resilience and competency building are essential in helping youth navigate adolescence in healthy ways. 

The foundation asked Dreamspace to establish a strong brand identity that effectively conveys its message to the public.

Importance of Branding

The foundation's success heavily relies on branding, which can significantly impact people's perception of the organization. A strong brand can generate new potential and increase awareness, so we aimed to create a memorable brand identity that effectively communicates its message.

Brand Collateral

We focused on creating a logo using pictography and clean typography to achieve a strong brand identity. With the established logo, we created brand collateral (including printed and digital media). We ensured that its branding had a consistent "less is more" approach, which helped create a lasting impression.

Digital – Web

A strong branding effort would not be complete without an online presence. Therefore, we created a simple, easy-to-use, and mobile-responsive website that could deliver its message to millions online daily. The website effectively communicates the foundation's mission and purpose, making it easy for visitors to learn more about the organization and how they can contribute.

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation's branding efforts have played a crucial role in its success. By establishing a solid brand identity and developing consistent branding, the foundation has effectively communicated its mission to the public. Through this initiative, the foundation has helped many young people achieve their goals and dreams, regardless of financial circumstances.
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