CES'22 Booth


CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a technology convention hosted annually by the Consumer Technology Association. Togg, an exhibitor at CES, is an up-and-coming Turkish mobility technologies brand that has gained international renown since its founding in 2018. Togg is making global waves by designing an entire mobility ecosystem–USE CASE Mobility®–that delivers hyper-connected smart living in all aspects of users’ lives.

Togg has put the last few years of hard work into creating the first-ever Turkish electric car (launching in early 2023) that, combined with their USE CASE Mobility® services, showcases the sheer potential found in the intersection between sustainability and technology. For CES 2022, Togg asked our partner Capital Events to fabricate an absolute show-stopping booth - and Dreamspace? We were asked to create a digital ‘twin’ of this booth, introducing this historic mobility technology to those who could not physically attend CES.

Taking inspiration from the clean, cutting-edge design of Togg’s electric car and Togg’s USE CASE Mobility®, Capital Events put together a 3000 square foot display that evoked a feeling of entering a world of the future - the world of Togg.


Dreamspace built a WebGL replica–or ‘twin’–from this physical display to replicate the space as accurately as possible in a virtual setting. The ‘twin’ mirrored the physical booth so accurately and effectively that it was viewed across Türkiye and allowed those who could not make it to Las Vegas to feel like they were at Togg’s booth.

Paying homage to Togg’s Turkish identity, Dreamspace and partner company Capital Events coordinated the international shipment of Turkish delicacies straight to the event so that attendees could enjoy a slice of Turkish culture while taking in the display.

Dreamspace has decades of experience when it comes to experiential design and production. Our team infuses creativity into our work with technology, ensuring that every project is unique in concept and seamlessly executed from a technical perspective.
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