Bezos Earth Fund

BEF Branding & Website


In February 2020, Jeff Bezos pledged $10 billion towards climate solutions–this fund was aptly named the Bezos Earth Fund. The money from this fund is intentionally donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to climate action.

The Bezos Earth Fund challenged Dreamspace and Habitat 2 Art to create a beautifully branded site from scratch in just one month–a true design and development sprint. This site would serve as the central hub for all things Bezos Earth Fund-related and keep people up to date on the Fund’s ongoing fight against climate change. Habitat 2 Art covered the foundational logo and branding work, while Dreamspace handled the site design.

Considering the massive amounts of important information provided by the Bezos Earth Fund, we built the website to support site viewers’ experiences as they digest all that the Fund has to offer (without feeling overwhelmed).

We also utilized a simple white and blue color scheme to avoid distracting from the information and pay homage to the oceans and skies that the Bezos Earth Fund is fighting to protect.

Our determination and dedication to this project paid off in spades, winning the Bezos Earth Fund website six GOLD W3 awards: 

GOLD: Website Features - Best Copywriting

GOLD: General Websites - Charitable Organizations

GOLD: Website Features - Best Art Direction

GOLD: Website Features - Best Home Page

GOLD: General Websites - Cause Awareness

GOLD: General Websites - Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a site for an unprecedented, high-profile initiative like the Bezos Earth Fund is no easy undertaking–in a design and development sprint timeline, no less–but our team at Dreamspace is willing to roll up our sleeves and put in the hard work to bring our client’s dreams to life.
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