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SHARE?, written by Ira Rosensweig and Benjamin Sutor, is Rosensweig’s feature film directorial debut. The film explores the themes of technology, social media, and the consequences of oversharing in a dystopian world—all shot from a single angle. The fictional social commentary features a star-studded cast, including Bradley Whitford (3x Emmy-winner, Get Out, The Cabin in the Woods, The Handmaid's Tale), Alice Braga (The Suicide Squad, Queen of the South, I Am Legend), Melvin Gregg (The Blackening, Snowfall, The Way Back), and Danielle Campbell (Tell Me a Story, The Originals).

Rosensweig gave Dreamspace the challenge of creating the visual effects for SHARE?. Our objective was to play a crucial part in enhancing the visual storytelling and creating a gripping cinematic experience–working at breakneck speeds to save the film in the final moments before its festival debut. 

The scope of our work encompassed a wide range of visual effects, including smoke and water droplet removal and manipulation, screen element/UI creation and alignment, text and screen bevel glitches, shot tracking and stabilization, character and environment rotoscoping, and a wholly animated green screen replacement sequence near the film's conclusion.

We painstakingly worked to make the film visually stunning and captivating for the audience, ultimately contributing to SHARE? winning the Best Feature award at the Cinequest Film Festival in the Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi category. 

SHARE? also received applause from critics:

"This is an absolute masterpiece of a thought-experiment… I almost look at it as an inverted The Matrix." - Journey Planet

“Go see this thought-provoking and inventive film” - Ric Bretschneider

"Bradley Whitford "is pure dynamite… Even considering the actor’s storied career, this could be his best work yet.” - Film Threat

Thanks to the success of SHARE? at the Cinequest Film Festival, XYZ Films released the film in November of 2023 on video on demand (VOD), followed by a 2-week, 6-city, Alamo Drafthouse theater Q&A tour, including our company's HQ city of Austin, Texas.

‍We are thrilled to have been a part of this project—and proud to have played a vital role in its visual excellence, even in a sprint timeframe.
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