Branding Biohax


Biohax is a data-driven, epigenetics-focused healthcare company dedicated to helping people “hack” their bodies through blood analysis and personalized treatments. Since its founding in 2019, they have worked to transform people’s quality of life and unlock their “superhuman” potential.

From brand language to site development to collateral design, Biohax asked Dreamspace to give the growing brand a cohesive, attractive look and feel.

Our team started by developing the Biohax brand language. For this phase of the project, we called in Sheralyn Silverstein to help us with her unparalleled writing expertise. Through many conversations with Dr. De and his employees and an in-depth analysis of existing Biohax content, a powerful, cohesive brand language deck was composed.

We then infused the new Biohax logo with many elements derived from this new brand language to build brand continuity and create a unique logo representative of Biohax’s values. After many rounds of tweaking and perfecting the logo, we arrived at our final logo design. We then made the rest of the brand design around the foundation of this logo.

Using this newly minted brand design, we created a variety of brand collateral that tied back to the brand’s values. From Biohax apparel to stationary to personal products, we ensured that any potential collateral was fully outfitted with Biohax branding.

Finally, it was time to create a visually appealing website that would aid users in getting to know Biohax’s mission, scientific background, and consumer appeal. With a complete redesign of the UI and graphics, the website condensed much information into a much more easily digestible yet visually engaging site.

From start to finish, Dreamspace is here to facilitate companies’ branding journeys with creativity, design expertise, and decades of industry insights. In an increasingly crowded market, we are committed to ensuring that your brand stands out.
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