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In 2019, Dolce&Gabbana showcased their couture line at iconic locations in New York City, including a major fashion show at the MET, a floor level fashion show at their Mercer Street boutique in Soho, and an after party at the exclusive Boom Boom Room. Dreamspace was commissioned to capture the entire event, with the aim of creating dynamic, quick-edited videos optimized for social media.

Our Executive Producer, Simona Della Porta, led the filming team and ensured that the footage was edited in a way that captured the excitement and prestige of the events. Our focus was to create a digestible timeframe while keeping the content straight to the point.

The after party was held on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel in the fashionable meatpacking district of NYC, at the exclusive club known as the Boom Boom Room. This club is renowned for its exuberant style and celebrity clientele. With an intimate performance from Rita Ora, the elite of the fashion world rubbed shoulders and celebrated in true Dolce&Gabbana style.

Flagship Stores

The flagship store located on 5th Avenue, and one on Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan were the focus of the redesign. Filmed on the same night, the complete overhaul of the storefront windows was a sight to behold.

5th Avenue

This is the transition from Winter to Spring at the 5th Avenue Flagship store. Another overnight transformation and video production.

Fast, Efficient and High Quality

Production at it’s best! Creating a fun, easy to watch, on-point social media content is not as easy as it looks. During an overnight transformation of an entire storefront, our professional production crew knows how to blend in and record the best footage possible.

Augmented Reality & 3D Gaming

GRAFX CO. and Dreamspace team are in talks with the fashion giant about future technologies. Our main focus is use of Augmented Reality in marketing and Social Media Gaming. Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are well-known with their unconventional talent and passion for always having fun. We created 3D character models of both designers based on the life-size mascots, approved by the fashion moguls themselves. Knowing their love of fun, we created fully functioning rigs to enable us to place D&G in any location or situation. Using landmarks close to our Downtown office location, we created AR tests and currently developing a fun social media AR game concept.

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