United Airlines

Rookie Golfer


For over 90 years, United has stood at the forefront of the airline industry as a pioneer in technological and customer innovations. In 1926, they helped launch commercial aviation with the first airmail flight. United was the first to offer a transcontinental passenger service and one of the founding members of the Star Alliance. To this day, United works ceaselessly to improve their company and planes.

Combined with their official sponsorship of the PGA Tour and their MileagePlus rewards program, McGarryBowen tasked Dreamspace with producing this tongue-in-cheek look at how customers can spend their mileage rewards points.

Our team aimed to capture fun, dramatic, and exciting moments to bring the message to life. These moments, grounded in reality, added humor to the piece and fit the scope of work. Our approach was to embrace realism and discovery, which we knew only in-camera FX could deliver.

The viewer is placed underwater in what appears to be a lake. A solitary fish swims peacefully until a series of golf balls cascade into the water, closely followed by the club that had hit them. As a perk of the MileagePlus program, members can spend money on items associated with their preferred activities while accruing points. In the case of this hopeless golfer, he can take comfort that his cloud has a silver lining.

We created a golf ball delivery system to release the balls remotely from behind the camera, making setup and retakes as simple as waiting for the sand to settle.

Our team loves working on fresh, creative projects that require us to think outside the box. With just a day to film, we combined efficient and intelligent solutions with our signature creative work to produce this high-finish spot. Whatever your vision is, we’ll find a way to bring it to life.
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