MAC Cosmetics

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MAC Cosmetics (short for Make-Up Art Cosmetics) is one of the top three cosmetic companies globally. Founded in 1984, they have grown to be known and loved for the professional quality of their accessible products.

Alibaba's Singles Day is the largest shopping event in the world, with almost $40 billion spent over 24 hours on its platforms, such as TMALL. The event is known for its heavy emphasis on live streaming, allowing companies to advertise their products to a massive audience. Alibaba kicks off Singles Day with a gala event that showcases some of the featured brands, with stars such as Mariah Carey (2018) and Taylor Swift (2019) performing. The gala, streamed online, prompts users to begin pre-ordering directly from their mobile phones.

Dreamspace collaborated with MAC to create the stage visuals for their six-minute performance during the Singles Day gala—three years in a row. With an entire cast of models and backing dancers, the performances required abstract visuals to enhance and complement the routines without overshadowing them. Dreamspace created the wall and floor sections for the performances, providing storyboards for each section.

Having a wide breadth of experience and skills allows us to serve companies like MAC in numerous ways on various mediums. We are grateful for long-term partnerships with companies like MAC and believe that trusting relationships with our clients set the foundation for greater creative freedom and, as a result, greater success.
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