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StrongArm Technologies, founded by Sean Petterson in 2011, is one of the world’s leading safety science companies. Creators of the ErgoSkeleton and the FUSE safety platforms, StrongArm is passionate about improving workplace safety for blue-collar workers in the USA and abroad. The Dreamspace team edited the above video to introduce people to the StrongArm Tech company, the motivations behind it, and the people making it all happen.

StrongArm Tech. and Dreamspace joined forces to create a series of training videos to give an entry-level understanding of the FUSE Platform. We designed the series to enable new users to understand and utilize the technology in their daily routine as quickly as possible. The FUSE Platform follows three main criteria:

COLLECT – A lightweight IoT-enabled risk monitoring device collects data on multiple ergonomic and environmental risk factors.

ANALYZE – Machine learning algorithms assess safety risk and leverage a real-time dashboard to explore factor correlations and understand injuries.

INTERVENE – Better understand the factors contributing to injury and deploy more relevant, effective interventions – mechanical or behavioral – and monitor impact.

This video is a basic overview of the FUSE platform and associated technologies. Consisting of three main components–the Dock, the Sensor, and the cloud-enabled Dashboard software–the system is designed to collect data throughout a worker’s shift. The data collected by each FUSE device is uploaded into the cloud and instantly processed through a proprietary machine-learning algorithm. Each data point makes our algorithm smarter, faster, and more accurate in detecting safety risks and identifying root causes.

This video is all about the FUSE Dock. The FUSE Dock is the charging and information-upload station of the system. Employees automatically receive an assigned sensor connected to their personal cloud analytics at the beginning of their shifts. At the end of their shifts, the employees return the sensors, and the day's data gets automatically uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

Lastly, this video gives a brief introduction to the FUSE Sensor. The FUSE Sensor is a risk monitoring device that uses machine learning to capture and analyze the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. FUSE runs data through an algorithm to generate each worker’s Safety Score–an ergonomic risk metric. FUSE helps StrongArm Tech. to understand the factors contributing to injury and deliver the appropriate interventions.

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