CES 2023


Having put on a successful 3000-square-foot display at CES 2022, the Togg team knew that CES 2023 had to be bigger, better, and more imaginative than ever. Thus, the “Digital Mobility Garden” was created. Situated in a 9800-square-foot exhibition space, Togg represented technology's role in uniting many dualities: human and nature, art and science, and more.

Upon approaching the space, users were bathed in the soothing lights of “New Nature,” a digital AI art waterfall created by Güvenç Özel. This art piece hung from above and gracefully dipped and flowed up and down, creating a synthetic representation of the beauty of nature. As a continuation of the work, the digital art turned into real water flowing throughout the booth’s floor–digital water and real water running harmoniously together.

As users stepped into the booth, they were invited into an immersive tunnel experience that transported them to the “Digital Mobility Garden” physically and symbolically. At the end of their journey through the seamless 50-foot LED tunnel, users were ushered into the first of four pillars in the Togg “Digital Mobility Garden” experience.

Pillar 1: Beyond-X

Created in collaboration with renowned firm Pininfarina, this experience took users on a journey according to their desires. After sitting in the luxury custom seat made by Pininfarina, users were asked some quick questions about their moods and preferences before selecting the best environment to transport them. Users traveled through anywhere from a magical futuristic forest to the surface of Saturn. Still, one theme united each journey: traveling through the future is bright and hopeful thanks to partnerships with smart technology.

After completing their experience, our staff guided users to the next pillar Togg had to offer.

Pillar 2: Trumore Experience

In the second pillar, users were seated in custom pods and taken on a road trip journey–assisted by Trumore, Togg’s newest mobility experience. A simple scan of the user’s badge helped Togg customize and track their experiences. With UI and UX designed by Dreamspace, users could intuitively navigate the experience. While encountering various scenarios on their trip, users learned how subsections of Trumore, like Go.more and Earn.more, can enhance their lives, saving them money and stress. At the end of their experience, users were directed to a screen inviting them to choose a Turkish coffee. Then, our staff led them to the luxury beverage bar, where their freshly brewed cup of authentic Turkish coffee awaited them.

Users enjoyed their coffee in the cozy seating lounge before heading over to the third pillar of the experience.

Pillar 3: Clean Energy Solutions

Around a digital-meets-physical tree display, users were introduced to Togg’s Clean Energy Solutions. After another quick badge scan, the program invited users to charge their phones as part of the energy-themed experience. Dreamspace also designed the UX/UI for this pillar, ensuring users stayed engaged and understood the concepts explained thoroughly. We taught users about Togg points, their correlation to energy, and how users could interact within the Togg ecosystem to save, trade, donate and even share energy with those around them. To round out the experience, Togg gave a special gift to users: a tree of the user’s choice planted on their behalf, courtesy of Togg and with the help of the nonprofit organization, ecording. Our team wrote about ecording on a microsite for users to access and learn more about the organization’s background and mission.

Finally, it was time for users to embark on their last pillar at the Togg “Digital Mobility Garden.”

Pillar 4: Self.AI

To end the experience on a fun note, users got to meet themselves–enhanced with a bit of AI magic courtesy of Mehmet Unal from Neva XR, a Togg partner. With silly creatures in their reflection, users danced, let loose, and had fun with an alternate version of themselves.

With so many experiences for users to explore, we did not want opportunities to gain vital information to go to waste. Our team created a custom Visitor Tracking System (or VTS) to record and organize helpful data across the booth, seeing how long users stayed at various pillars, what they selected, and so on. We also used new technologies, leveraging ChatGPT to help write parts of the code live at the event, as needed.

For those unable to attend the CES 2023 booth, we designed and developed a microsite that took viewers through a virtual version of the “Digital Mobility Garden” experience. With carefully crafted copy and intentional design, users can get a slice of the Togg experience from the comfort of their homes. We even ensured that Pillars 2 and 3 were available for users to experience online, allowing them to take part rather than simply learning about the booth. For users in Türkiye, the Dreamspace team also made the entire virtual experience available in Turkish.

We completed this project in a matter of months, with a mere nine days for our partners from Capital Events, ourselves, and our other team members to fabricate the booth at the convention center. For pulling off a wonderfully immersive experience, the Togg “Digital Mobility Garden” was honored with 4th place at the CES 2023 EXHIBITOR Awards.
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