Needs Map 2.0


The Needs Map is a map-based digital demand and supply bridge that facilitates in-kind donations–without a third-party organization. The platform lists all humanitarian needs of individuals and organizations, such as public schools and community centers, allowing other individuals and corporations to access the data and provide direct help through non-monetary contributions.

Dreamspace financed and led the design and development of the Needs Map website that fosters humanitarian aid exchange and scalability on a global level.

After assessing the previous design of the Needs Map V1.0 website, our primary objective was to revitalize the site by developing a more user-friendly platform.

From the start, we collected a great deal of data for months. We re-strategized the entire UX and UI, then re-designed and optimized the website platform for desktop and mobile devices. We also added a new suite of features, such as human-centric help categories and individual and group scheduling capabilities.

Our main goal for the color palette of the Needs Map was to create a more unified aesthetic. We decided to deviate from saturated hues by softening the tones: soft red for “needs” alerts, mint green for “support” functions, and light blue for “resolved” needs.

The Needs Map V2.0 also includes a set of universal icons. In alignment with our color scheme, these icons allowed us to create a harmonious visual system and further simplify site navigation for users.

We designed, developed, and launched the Needs Map in Turkey, donating the platform to IDEMA in Turkey for managing local operations. For this significant project, we were honored by The Golden Spider Awards with a Gold Award as the Category Winner of Social Responsibility Projects.

The Needs Map prioritizes transparency and empowers people by letting them express their own needs. For local authorities, they can easily see the needs in their district and act accordingly. For companies, it is easier to implement CSR projects for any target group (women, children, etc.) by locating the needs provided on the platform.

Help for the people, by the people.
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