Cinereach + Anima + Dreamspace

Just Play


A Game Jam for Justice

Just Play — a joint venture involving Cinereach, Anima Interactive, and Dreamspace — is an online competition and showcase that invites video game developers to explore diverse themes creatively through gameplay and narrative.

The first Just Play Jam focused on themes of Social Justice (or Injustice), culminating in an Awards Ceremony at the 2024 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX. Over the course of a month, participants crafted unique games reflecting their personal interpretations of Social Justice, competing for awards in six categories, and vying for the Grand Prize:

         Grand Prize Winner

The SXSW '24 festivities included the Awards Show, a panel discussion on Social Justice, and a four-day booth exhibit at the Creative Industries Expo. Dreamspace was integral in managing graphics, booth design, content creation, and logistics to ensure seamless execution.

Awards Show

The inaugural Awards Show, held at the Thompson Hotel in downtown Austin, was hosted by IGN's Akeem Lawanson and featured performances by indie virtual band OFK. Dreamspace played a crucial role, coordinating with SXSW staff, designing show graphics, sourcing sustainable awards, directing the show artistically, and filming the event for social media. Dreamspace founder Sean Yuksel even presented the Technical Achievement Award. The event was also livestreamed on Twitch for remote attendees.

Rewriting Reality: Narrative Change in Entertainment - Expert Panel

The panel discussion explored the significant role stories play in shaping societal views and the responsibilities of creators in digital entertainment. It examined cultural representation in media, its influence on social movements, and the role of emerging technologies like AI in shaping future narratives. Dreamspace supported the event's recording and content creation for social platforms.

Creative Industries Expo

During the Expo, attendees experienced the award-winning games firsthand at the Just Play booth. Dreamspace was involved in designing, fabricating, and managing the booth, creating a custom UI for the experience, designing and producing exclusive Just Play merchandise, and generating content for social media.

Future Jams

The upcoming Jam, focusing on Climate Futures, is set for the Hollywood Climate Summit in June '24 and is now accepting entries at justplayjam.com.

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