Datasim Hallway


Marriott International, Inc. is an American multinational diversified hospitality company that manages and franchises a broad portfolio of hotels and related lodging facilities.

Marriott asked Dreamspace to team up and create a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary interactive art installation in one of their hotel locations.

The concept and design of the installation were based on a foundation of five core pillars:

PEOPLE – Experimenting with human interaction using immersive technologies and embedding real-time interaction.

EXCELLENCE – Pursuit of perfection, attention to detail, and finely tuned visuals of data analytics, based on statistics provided by Marriott.

CHANGE – Art is ever-evolving, as should this installation—morphing lines and particles representing a harmonic shift in time and space.

INTEGRITY – Honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy of one’s actions; moral righteousness.

WORLD – The power of global connections–and Marriott’s global network.

Phase 01 - Video Loop

While the code for the installation was being written, this animation was designed and created to tease what was to come. Electric lines gently and consistently travel back and forth between ‘Data Spheres.’ These lines represent data streams and connectivity between Marriott’s many properties and illustrate the positive experiences Marriott’s global guests share. The installation uses a network of MAC ‘Mini’ computers connected to six individual projectors, with a combined length of over 100ft. With seamless projection merging, the installation appears to be one giant canvas.

Phase 02 - Interactive Installation

We partnered with Unity and Intel to retrieve depth and position data using a RealSense Depth Camera and Sensors. Capable of recognizing multiple users at once, this piece is truly interactive–with the actions of one user directly affecting the interaction of others in the corridor. Using unique and specially written code and built using the Unity game engine, this piece is truly bespoke.

At its base, the “default screen” of the installation is a globe made up of dots representing data from Marriott’s global network of customers and locations. For centuries, visual displays in the form of maps and images provided a critical interface by which to understand the world better. The map here, combined with new technologies, allows humans to interact with geospatial information in more immediate and “natural” ways than ever before. As users traverse the hallway, they create a swarm of data points that proceed to follow them on their journey. These data points, representing data from the customer, are constantly in motion–interacting with the data points of the map, distending, distorting, and moving the image of the globe. This provides two layers of interaction: one between the user and the installation and one between elements in the installation itself.

At Dreamspace, we have a deep passion for combining technology and creativity to create unique experiences. Projects like this show the potential for people to reimagine our world’s ‘normals’ in increasingly new and exciting ways, and we are honored to have been a part of this.
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