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New York Turkish Film Festival


Founded in 1949, the American Turkish Society is a not-for-profit organization seeking to enhance economic, political, and cultural ties between Turkey and the United States. 

The New York Turkish Film Festival, presented by the American Turkish Society, plays a significant role in promoting this cross-cultural dialogue by celebrating award-winning Turkish films.

Dreamspace provided pro-bono creative services for the 10th, 11th, and 12th annual New York Turkish Film Festivals. From festival promotional materials to opening titles on the big screen, the team worked to provide further exposure to the festival and create an overall creative, immersive experience throughout the events.

Created for the 11th annual New York Turkish Film Festival, this opening title sequence displays some of the films in the festival against the backdrop of some of NYC’s most recognizable landmarks. A gritty visual style and fast edits reflect the energetic pace and the palpable feeling of being in New York City.

The 12th annual New York Turkish Film Festival’s opening sequence features slow, beautifully lit shots of an icon of the film industry, the 35mm camera. A fully 3D camera allowed a greater variety and depth of shots to create this immersive sequence.

Dreamspace also completed this visual journey with other brand collateral, such as festival schedule books, posters, and billboards, to help deliver an immersive creative experience.

Our team is honored to have taken part in this distinct arts and culture initiative for three years. We at Dreamspace are passionate about celebrating fellow artists and using our skills to give back to our community, so any opportunity to serve is a win in our book.
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