Niantic is a San Francisco-based company using AR and mapping technology to blend the physical and digital worlds. Niantic follows four main pillars: draw people outdoors, inspire exploration, encourage exercise and create connection. Made famous by Pokémon Go, they have since released other games, including NBA All World: a revolutionary way to play basketball.
Dreamspace had already been working on the in-game UI for NBA All World (see: here) before Niantic invited us into another huge undertaking: branding NBA All World. They asked our team to help shape and bring to life NBA All World’s brand vision, from the logo to the color palettes and typography. The goal of this branding work was not only to set the tone for NBA All World’s introduction to the world—but to become fundamentally emblematic of the new era of hoop culture.
Services: Logo — Key Art — App Icon — App Store Screen — Merchandise — Newsletter — Teaser Video — Brand Guidelines

Brand Vision

NBA ALL WORLD is home to a never-ending array of aspirational, inspirational, and entertaining basketball games, cultures, and lifestyles–regardless of where you are on the planet.

Creative Overview

The design theme is centered around connecting people, and community, through the augmented-reality experience in our world.

The logo reflects inspiring, and entertaining, NBA lifestyle experiences through innovative mobile game tech, augmented reality, and walking around the real world with friends. The customized type design is active, bonding, on the move, laidback for the casual hoopers, and at the same time, engaging for the passionate fans.
Special Promotional Use
App Icon
The NBA ALL WORLD logo was born from the relationship between the key themes of community, innovation, and movement.

The resulting logo is kinetic and fluid; engaging and connective; modern and sleek without sacrificing personality.
Black and dark grey combined with vibrant yellow form the primary colors for this palette, creating a high- striking contrast and alluding to the feeling of nighttime.

The other colors in the palette contribute to the spirited energy of the game and are both bold and eye-catching.
Our selection of typography creates clarity and harmony within all communications – and alludes to the sporty boldness of the NBA ALL WORLD personality while we’re at it.

Rajdhani is the main font for header, sub-header, and body copy. Roboto Condensed is used sparingly at key points, small but impactful at a size of 13px or less. Both fonts creates a clean look across the board.


App Icon

App Store Feature Screens

These promotional assets were created to feature NBA All World in the App Store and Google Play Store. The various assets were created in alignment with the social campaigns that were running at the time of each featuring.

Key Art

Pre-Launch and Launch Campaign

Campaign Logo

NBA All World Digital